Takano Chikko, which has a workshop in Nagaokakyo City, Kyoto, a famous bamboo production area, carries out all of the various time-intensive processes such as growing and maintaining the company’s own bamboo forest, removing oil from the bamboo and the long-term drying in order to use the bamboo material for making products.

Furthermore, they are fortunate to have the opportunity to use precious old materials from temples and shrines that are designated as national treasures and important cultural properties, allowing the craftsman with various techniques in sashimono, lacquer, maki-e, lathing and bamboo weaving, and so on, to produce a wide range of items from tea utensils to daily necessities  demonstrating great techniques and individual sensitivities.


at Dartmouth House

Booth No. 001

May 8 & 9

10am - 5pm

KOGEI Picnic

at Chelsea Physic Garden

May 11th,

12pm - 3pm.

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