Katana-kaji (swordsmith) in Seki city began 800 years ago. A feature of Katana-kaji in Seki is that craftsmen specialize in one process (there are more than 50 processes like Saya-shi (sheath making) and polisher etc.).

Their skills have led to techniques processing various metals, woods and plastics these days.

Our knives clearly show the following skills:Metal work that combines sharpness and design, high-precision woodwork, achieving good design, and polishing skill that achieves an almost seamless structure (for example, the combination of the metal blade and wooden handle).


at Dartmouth House

Booth No. 002

May 8 & 9

10am - 5pm

KOGEI Picnic

at Chelsea Physic Garden

May 11th,

12pm - 3pm.

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