SEKIBIKODO (Urushi Lacquer)

“NODATE Series”, a new style of Aizu Lacquer

Using natural woods, mainly Japanese horse chestnut or Japanese bigleaf magnolia, which have been widely used since ancient times, a shape is formed using rokuro-hiki, a lathe technique, and lacquer, which has been widely used in Japanese life for over 10000 years ago, is applied using a technique called suki-urushi (transparent lacquer).

Suki-urushi lacquer is the simplest technique, said to be the origin of lacquering, and is characterized by the visible wood grains which can be seen clearly through the lacquer.

The lacquer is applied by hand, wiped and cured.

This process is repeated many times until it is finished.

Pure silver powder and so on is used for the maki-e design. maki-e is painted by brush and silver is sprinkled on while monitoring the dryness condition.


at Dartmouth House

Booth No. 004

May 8 & 9

10am - 5pm

KOGEI Picnic

at Chelsea Physic Garden

May 11th,

12pm - 3pm.

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