Niwa Futon-ten was established 150 years ago and for their futon, it begins with making the materials, which they are very particular about.

They make the futon cotton soft with adequate elasticity and moisture retention by selecting cotton with different fiber length and thickness, making use of its characteristics and mixing it to a unique ratio.

The whole process of making the futon is done manually, using natural materials.

The futon made by Japan's No.1 craftsman, is beautifully-finished, less apt to go out of shape and soft, offering great comfortable sleep.

They make comfortable futon with a shape that can only be created by hand.


at Dartmouth House

Booth No. 006

May 8 & 9

10am - 5pm


Show our Japanese Cushion; making demonstration for many attendees

[Date and Time]

A) 5/8 1PM-2PM

B) 5/8 3PM-4PM

C) 5/9 1PM-2PM

D) 5/9 3PM-4PM

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